August 7, 2014

Back into Czech, mate!

Beer, German tourists and permissive sexuality: These are the hallmarks of just about every country we visit. Everyone likes to talk about how good their beer is, how annoying all these German tourists are, and how sexually permissive the people are in the next town over.
so horny he can't be bothered to put shoes on
But in at least two European countries it may actually be more true. One is Belgium and the other is The Czech Republic.

Blessed with some of the best water (100 year old breweries built over natural springs coming from the Alps make a might crisp pilsner) and a historically depressed economy exasperated by the EU (its in the EU but they don't use Euros so it easy to travel here and most things are cheaper) naturally you can imagine a lot of people like to visit the Czech Republic.

Czech shares a border with Germany, one of the wealthiest countries in Europe. Often tourists are annoying, because they flaunt their wealth and feel entitles to be jerks because they are paying for service. So people all over Europe love to talk shit about rich, annoying German tourists.

showing off the biker package is one way to display family wealth
Also sex. Logic follows that a place that has legalized prostitution, you might have less shame about other sexual issues. The Czech Republic is considered one of the most liberal Central European countries with regards to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) rights. In 2006 it legalized registered partnerships (registrované partnerství) for same-sex couples.

The more you are exposed to open, comfortable sexuality the less of a taboo it becomes. This should result in more open, accepting communities and possibly more interesting pornography.

And yet there is still room for more joyous bikesexual liberation!
Come get some at these fine shows!

Friday 8/8
FBB Klub Na Dráze, 
Nadražní 9
21:30h fb event

Sunday 10/8
Inner Dark
Polská 898

Prague w/ queer noises, a part of Prague Pride!
Friday 15/8
Q Cafe
Opatovická 12
18h - 20h fb event
Fuck tomorrow, we want a vision for a better tonight!

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