June 16, 2015

Come Again... Penultimatly!

Whips, chains AND barbwire fence, bikers can take the abuse.
Bikers can also dish it.

Normally its a beautiful and inherently consensual expression your freedom. But then there are lots of ways to "get around". We invite joyful sexploration of mobility!

June 17 - Fetish Night @ Cardinal Bar
418 E Wilson St   9pm  +18
w DJs Brook and Siberia

$5 Cover, or $3 admission for those in gear - Come play in your favorite sexy fetish gear. Bring your favorite electro, rope, tape, leather, sports, lycra, rubber, and beating equipment for play.

Mistress Mayhem's kinky artwork and Spike's tripod and sexy ropework. We also have Zebulun Jurgens as our guest leather smith.

SUCK THA FACEbook! https://www.facebook.com/events/805118646251414/814938391936106/

Our host in MKE did the math. This is the 5th time Bike Smut has come to this state.

5 times in Wisconsin but not without sin.

Badger up! Badger down! Come Again!

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