March 1, 2018

Have Fun Storming New Castle

Whew! Well we do always like to go out with a bang and after the time Sydney gave us last night...

Wait, not Sidney, Sydney! The Australian cyclists came out in force to confirm their transportational sexuality. (some are purists but we hear many are also supportive of fucking on a train)

Tonight we are in New Castle for Australia's final screening. The Pacific Rim Job Tour: Part 2
Part 1 was when we showed Bike Smut on a beach in Homer Alaska, so now we only have to connect Asia and South America to complete the Chain Ring of Fire

our curator, Rev.Phil laying hands on the "Anal 2 Homer" in Alaska
For now we are content to conclude our first and possibly final visit to Australia. Yes, this might be the last time it ever screens in Australia. If you didn't know for the past 10 years we have averaged more than 50 shows a year (with most years being closer to 80 shows a year). This was made possible by a fervent commitment to share the surprisingly good art we were entrusted to present to you, our audience; also we were mostly homeless. But the years of perpetual touring have passed. Bike Smut is transforming; what it will become is, as of yet, unknown. Many excellent people claim they are ready to rise up and carry the flame for radical, human-powered, sex-positive film and performance. Still others have suggested that we abandon our archaic methods of in-person distribution and create a simultaneous, multi-city bikesexual webcast.

The future is unknown but at least for tonight you can have your home-grown bike porn... and watch it too!

Bike Smut in New Castle
Friday, March 2nd
The Royal Exchange
34 Bolton St, Newcastle, New South Wales 2300
$12 or $10 advance tickets OR if you join us for Critical Mass before the show!

Fb event page

Go ride with New Castle Critical Mass! It starts at 6pm from Civic Park.
Oh, you didn't know? Bike Smut loves Critical Mass! We even helped make a feature length documentary about its eventual death in "bike-friendly" Portland.

Thanks for making our tour of Australia possible. Give lots of affection to Miss Poppy Cox and buy those handmade panties while you still can. They go fast!!

Bike Smut panties by the_forgotten_art

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