June 20, 2018


Dear readers, we have failed you.

For 10 years we have documented our seemingly perpetual sojourn for joy and liberation. Embracing  self-mobilization and and sex-positivity as our our primary tool of emancipation from single-occupancy cars and general puritanical bullshit we have doggedly traveled and shared these ideas with the world. We are quite proud of our accomplishments but even with a massive collection of radical art the gratitude of our audience we are humbled by many of our best theoretical ideals so simply put into direction action by the participation in the World Naked Bike Ride.
Already in 2018 so many naked rides have come and gone. Besides the entire Southern Hemisphere (where they ride in March) Chicago, Toronto, Austin, Madison, New Orleans, Mexico City BrusselsThessaloniki, Manchester, Cambridge, Brighton and Bristol, all had rides in the past 10 days. But where we when all this naked action was going down?

Promoting and documenting our own plucky little film and performance festival is the primary thrust of this blog but we must not turn our backsides on the news and cultural phenomenon that works towards our ideals.
Alas, our primary organizers are worn. Despite slowing the number of shows to a polite trickle we are still not staying on top of our stated goals of sharing excellent ideas that mirror ours. The wear on our tires is starting to show but we are still rolling (more or less) and we are hopeful that these rare moments when we actually have something to chirp about will be appreciated that much more (said every blogger since 2012).

We have slowed the fuck down and we need to make amends. The only way we can think of to make it up to you is sharing some photo-heavy pictures from naked rides around the world.
Chicago has one of the largest rides in the world
We express our regret being unable to participate in the rides of the past; now let us embrace the sweet anticipation of rides to come!
The brilliant smiles of Bristol, UK
June 23
Portland, Oregon
Los Angeles

June 30
Vancouver, BC
Victoria, BC ... ah... well maybe having it the same day can help?

July 7

July 14

July 21
Helsinki, Finland 
St. Louis

September 8
Las Vegas
A misty night in Chicago

Have you ridden a bicycle naked? In public? As a visitor to a new place?!? It is pretty exciting to visit a city during a WNBR. As a spectator or a fully-presenting nude-tourist (... a Nudurist?) it's an exhilarating way to experience a city. But before you increase your carbon footprint, check to see if there is a naked ride happening near you. This website: http://worldnakedbikeride.org/ is a helpful place to get started. Just imagine, you could plant the seed that blooms into a naked revolution!

The WNBR in Thessaloniki, Greece included a sit in. protest + celebration = revolutionary party!
And even if you don't think you will join a naked ride take a moment to consider the creative slogans that YOU would present on your body. As one of the most attention-getting forms of peaceful protest its worthwhile keeping a catchy/cheerful/cheeky phrase in mind because you never know when a naked ride could happen and you will be completely unable to think up something clever in the moment. What's the best text you have read on a human body? Post your comment below and if it makes us smile we will send you a sticker in the fucking mail.
Is the Toronto WNBR mascot a mullet? No really! Go to their website then click on 2018 posters
Thessaloniki pics by Φώτο Eurokinissi
Chicago Mist at Dusk photo by Brendan Forkin
Bright smiles from the Bristol WNBR 
Walgreen's Naked Bike Ride in Chicago photos by Raf Winterpacht
(warning some of these are FaceCrack links, which may be responsible for stealing souls, elections)

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