July 11, 2018

Kanucks gonna Kafuck... Bikes! The LAST EVER show in VANCOUVER, BC

We have news.

News about us.

And Canada.

Its serious.

We have said Bike Smut is in transition, but really its more like hibernation. Once a season we come out of our cave covered in scrawled drawings of tallbikes welded from Colnago frames, rub our eyes, then rub our saddles... with our genitals. We check up on our friends organizing the various World Naked Bike Rides (they are good!), check to see how the ice caps are doing (they are not good!)

Then we put together some glorious scheme, trek some epic distance, and then after an astounding presentation of sexualized mobility we return to our cave to slumber away the pain of modern car culture and exploitative pornography.

After doing more than a show every week for 10 years are shows are few and far between. So each time they happen it feels like it could be the last one. This is likely the last ever screening in Canada!

Vancouver, BC

Thursday, July 26th 2018

The Rio Theatre

more details as they get typed. Bears wake up grumpy. WE'RE AWAKE! FED AND NO LONGER GRUMPY!

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