April 25, 2019

Science Friction in KC

When people have affordable rent they may spend their time making art... and making weird. 
Here we have the Stray Cat Film Center. A fantastic space for exploring art and making kickass parties. Which is what you want to do following Critical Mass! You wanna feel free! Free to ride your machine and not get hassled by the man. And you wanna party! And that is what we are going to do!

Bike Smut 9: Science Friction
Friday April 26
1662 Broadway Blvd, Kansas City, MO
9pm, following Critical Mass (prizes for best costumes on ride)
18+ , $10
Performances by Drugs & Attics, Riki Wallen, KC Roller Derby
Space Kink Costume Contest
Beer by Cinder Block, Brewery Emperial, Torn Label







When the book of Bike Smut is written there may well be an entire chapter on Kansas City. The term "fast friends" makes sense when people are engaging in provocative art that allows them to question things as basic as how they move and how they fuck. But sometimes, some communities in some places look beyond the surface of Bike Smut and explore the depths.

Thus we are moved to present Jackie Danger with our coveted "Hero de Bike Smut" award for excellence in bringing joy and comfort to the weary traveling artist. You know that feeling you get when someone asks you if you need something not out of a sense of obligation but out of genuine desire to be helpful? Well if you dont make some rad as fuck art and bring it to KC because it feels great!

Of course she is not alone. A community does not just appear out of nothing. Cinephile, Matt Loyd puts in time behind the projector and brings technical excellence to keep their collective vision chugging along. Exploring the beautifully absurd and spell-blindingly horrific in celluloid and performance. Of their duo it is written:
Jointly they promote the visibility of queer culture through films that challenge mainstream societal and cinematic expectation as well as provide a platform for traveling film festivals and filmmakers.
From sailboats to haunted drain tunnels, the Cannonball Roarers have showcased memorably strange events in a variety of strangely memorable locations! Collaborating with performers, musicians, dancers and so much more, they strive to change the way our community engages with great cinema.
We are reminded of the words spoken just before a screening of Charles Lum's provocative work during Pornotopia (Albuquerque's semi-annual festival of hidden erotic gems hosted by Self Serve):

"The history of experimental cinema *is* the history of queer cinema."

Because how much examination of truth at 24 frames per second can you do if you haven't ever examined your own butt?

Exploring hidden spaces and forbidden places with friendly faces. Thats what visiting KC feels like.

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