September 20, 2007

packing Bellingham full... TWICE!

what is a fiasco?

is it a disaster that goes good? I think i can recount it

* bike porn lost in Arlington
* 3 bike porn tourists show up and throw down and realize we didn't bring it
* bike porn found at the absurdly nicest peoples home in all cascadia
* Woody and Coco, our Couchserfer hookup drive fast to the goods
* the pickford cinema hosts TWO over-capacity screenings at 90+ people each
(one theat to call the fire department was taken care of as we found legal room for all the people)
* the porn crew stubles out into the late night Cornwall action
* some street heckling/bike porn lyrics to tubby drunk gangsta yelling at a girl "hey bitch where you going"
* he steps to the bike porn
* he gets clowned
* his friends show up
* i have to bob and weave to avoid getting creamed by HUGE mofos in more chains that a prison guard and too sober for my comfort
* situation difused eventually
* my glasses found
* bikers roll away
* a meth head walking down the middle of the street wearing all black gets warned
* Tackler lets her have it (totally an accident)
* Lauren is embarrased/tramatized/crying, meth head is screaming in "pain"
* methhead demands to have the ambulence called, then passes her pipe to laruen to dispose of
* more drunk ganstas drive up we direct them to the open lane without people laying in the street
* they slow down... then gun it into a our host, the Worms' Shawn's bike, which his my baby, Duff#Five.
* the firedept and police show up and assess
* we roll on, lick our wounds and harass Yellow Brake Maitland's sister and husband who live in town.

and now it starts raining... perfect time to go ride out bikes to annother country

and that's where we are at. if someone has a more detailed review (maybe more about the porn, just email me revphil*AT*gmail*COM

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