September 21, 2007

a somber evening of porking vancooter

The tour arrived, albeit a couple bikers short. I was nearly denied entry to canada because i told them i was a bike pornographer. maybe not the wisest choice but i had been saying it for so long... i thought i might make her smile.

she told me if i was working i had to spend 2 months filling out forms and sending letters to get permission to work in canada, because i could be depriving another citizen of being a bicycle pornogpher.

it was nerve racking, but we are here and we are excited.

tonight is the final night of our Cascadian Bike Porn Tour.

FRI SEPT 21 2007

--> The Pornography of the Bicycle ~ 7:30pm
WISE Hall, 1882 Adanac (at Victoria)
Tickets $5-10 sliding scale. Licensed.
Lingerie encouraged.

A night of sexxxy bike movies, pagentry, tassles, & two-wheeled foreplay. Emcees: Reverend Phil of the Portland and Ifny, Pedal Revolutionary. Witness the Bike Striptease!
Also appearing: King Codpiece, holy relics and the Creaking Planks, rendering tunes of the boudoir helpless and quivering. Afterglow tunes by Tom Cunningham IV and the Americans. Beer & swag sold to all comers. Portlandia cometh! Vancouverella awaiteth!

--> Naughty Negligee Night Ride ~ 11:00ish
Departing from the W.I.S.E. Hall
In the tradition of the Great Nekkid Bike Ride, doff your threads and head out into the night. See-though polyester, sequins, bits of fluff, tiaras and tootsie rolls, bring out your naughty bits and ride Vancouver en sassy masse! Raincoat check available. Clothing/Lingerie optional.

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