March 20, 2008

"You want me to put my junk where?"

"Please, please, please bring me porn," they say.

"Our town is small and humble but we love bikes," they say.

"Won't you get nasty in our bottom brackets," they say.

Alas, the Internet can be so cruel.

For all the attempts to get a screening in Boston, Phily or DC nary a venue has stepped up!

Wont someone take us?

As it stands in the North Atlantic cost the only place you can watch The Pornography of the Bicycle is:


@ 7:00 9:00 & 11:00pm

217 East 42nd St
New York City, NY 10017

The responses from cities have been highly varied. A Report from Columbus describes a black fixie with bright pink Drury grips who lamented not having a camera to document all the sexy action that happened after the movies playing. After the screening in Mnpls a fashion show began 4am. In Chicago, a oversexed riot nearly broke out and many audience members felt necessary to relieve themselves.

But every city is different. Just last night we witnessed the quietest screening ever. The tension in PGH was so high that even the comfy chairs of the Shadow Lounge could not overcome the heightened states. "Shocked" is how one person described the audience.

Perhaps bike sexuality will find a home here. Pittsburgh could be the biker's gem. We are excited to do some exploring.

For no particular reason we have had no issues with police to date. Maybe they are more understanding then we realize.

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