March 31, 2008

After the Slaughteramma

"What ho! A bike club!!!"

Richmond, VA (RVA) is a pretty amazing place. You have a blend of Art students honing the craft at the highly toted Virgina Commonwealth University, the shadow of the Confederacy in the form of massive statues of General Lee and Stonewall Jackson, the depression of the 80s grinding development to a halt, and tons of fun loving bikers enjoying the cheap rent.

Development and gentrification have come to the Oregon Hill neighborhood of RVA, which two years ago was a verifiable bicycle ghetto, with all sorts of characters drinking on the tightly spaced porches basking in the sun.

Some things have changed, but there is still one bike club in town inspiring others from across the east to rally and display their pride. Bike clubs in Dayton, NYC, Atlanta, Chicago and more all represented .

Portland, Oregon's Zoobomb came, saw, and dropped the competition like it drops its pants. Zoobomb took the only prize for the team oriented competition. Placing in every event except the 6 pack relay (we are only a little embarrassed about this). Solid performances the entire day capped off by a strange award party and news broadcast about the awesomness that has just ended. Conveniently enough their massive 6-ft trophy for 1st place was designed(?) to collapse into a medium sized bag. Im sure the Dropout Bike Club from Portland will take the challenge of reconstructing it without trying to blend steel and aluminum

Here is video of the final bout, a chariot race. Sounds simple right? Right?


We want to thank all the great hosts, and we hope to get kicked out of more parties again someday.

Here is a link with lots of videos.

And now the tour rolls on to Chapel Hill! If the hundreds that turned out in Richmond screaming for more bike porn are any sign of the future the south is more ready for sexy bike culture than many concerned parties realize.

Monday March 31st, 2008
St. Anthony Hall

207 Pittsboro St.
Chapel Hill, NC
8 pm

Come on out and enjoy the sexy bike action tonight!

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