June 20, 2008

A call out for some extra dirty cycling

Last year we had such an impressive turnout that we decided to hold a repeat screening of the program. It was remixed to include a short by Gus Van Sant staring Flea singing and strutting around.

Once again we sold out the Clinton Street Theater and once again we will strive to create a marvelously humptastic swan song.

Coming out of the theater people's eyes were bright with joy and excitement. But there was something more... many participants felt that given the opportunity they would have made more sexualized, more exploitative bike movies. These cocky fucking bike zealots need a stage to share their art! So, in the spirit of openness (as well as put-up-or-shut-up-ness) we present your opportunity to make it quick and dirty.

Bikexploitation Redux
submit by July 21st 2008

That is approximately one month from this original posting. After that you will have to put up with molesting your bike in private.

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