June 7, 2008

"Pass my vat o' lube, the internets look appealing"

Clicky Clicky! The internerds are awash in bike porn!

Our crack staff of media whores have been out "packing the bottom brackets" of local bloggers. The world premiere of Bike Porn 2: bikexploitation is this Friday the 13th of June. The sexy bikers of Portland have stunningly high expectations of the upcoming show.

Jonathan Maus of Bike Portland and Matt Davis of The Portland Mercury were kind enough to promote our exploits in shy, perhaps even cute adherence to the "talk about porn but make sure that you provide fair NSFW warning to avoid getting your surfers fired" rule. Thanks to you both for double teaming the release of the new trailer.

If you are planing on coming out we heartily suggest that you prepare yourself for excess. That could mean consuming energy drinks ("CORE" is 10% alcohol, leaving only 90% energy?), and/or wearing a crown of leaves and a bed sheet as there is a "300" themed ride leaving from the Clinton Street Theater to the MMR directly after the show ends.

This years submissions come from a variety of places: Seattle, Santa Cruz, Columbus, Brooklyn to name a few. Thus this program is much more than just one person's idea of a cool way to spend the night. This program includes many interpretations, but there are plenty more voices that need to be heard. Start your conspiring and make something you will be proud of.

Thank you pornographers, supporters and fluffers!

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