July 22, 2008

Landis, gets it!

As movie makers, we are bestowed what is often considered the most dynamic media to present our ideas. We like to show pictures, you like to look at pictures.

But sometimes even we miss the old days of plain text. The "cold media" we have left behind for our moving pictures can still connect our soft, gray matter with our harder, more colorful matter.

This wordy bit of satire comes from the Daily Peloton, a pro racing news website. So make sure you are wearing lots of spandex. I think it may shave seconds off your best, er, "furious internet masturbation session" time


Expect a substantial investigation of the nature and origin of genital defining racing garments as well as the psychological impact on other competitors. There are many tight lipped almost-yellow jersey wearers that still have nightmare's of the rapidly approaching Eddy Merx Moose Knuckle.

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