December 2, 2008

The end of the Choad

The last show of the Westward Ho! Bikexploiation tour.

  • Thursday, December 4th
  • Campbell Club
  • 1670 Alder St Eugene, OR
  • 7PM
Bringing it to Eugene for some prime time Bike Porn action.

PLUS bike polo after the show!

Thanks to all our hosts and our parasites

Another blogger deriding the junk.

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  1. Hello,

    My name is Chloe Cavagna and I’m a french journalist working for a new TV show called “Global resistance” about the new form of activism and subculture in general. It’s a 70 minutes show aired on the French public channel called France 4.

    I’m really interested by the militant activist movements in Europe and all over the world.
    For this TV show, we are actually searching for groups which are really implicated in activism and use comedy, provocation, art, originality (…)as means of expression that we could follow on a report. We are searching for anti-nuclear, anti-militarism, anti-consumption, environmentalists….militants.
    We would like to do a report either in February or in March (maybe April!)… is the Westward Ho! Bikexploitation tour an activist event? If so, what are your motivations?
    Thanks for your help and for forwarding this mail to other groups. If you have some other contacts, I would appreciate if you could send me their info… Thanks so much!

    Best regards,

    Chloe Cavagna

    KM Production
    41 rue des peupliers
    92100 Boulogne

    Tel: (+33) 01 47 61 84 00
    Fax: (+33) 01 47 61 84 04


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