December 27, 2008

I got your indecency right here!

Who defines what is appropriate for you?

More importantly (and kind implied in the last question but never mind that) Who defines what is inappropriate for you?

Well if you are are considered an Adult (a floating range between 14-21 years old depending on who you are talking to and the emancipation laws of a given state) you may be given a lot of freedom in that regard.

Have a look for at this handy guide, color coded for children!

Nevertheless there is probably a head of household/state/bike gang that you trust to make some decisions about what is/is not okay sexually. These people are always (supposed to be) looking out for the less worldly members of your country/community/bike shop. This is a tricky position to be put into for sure as the morality of the leader is thrust upon the followers. But what if the leader is really horny? What then will said leader thrust?

So is it that fucked up people are attracted to positions of power or is it that power corrupts all our god-fearing leaders or is it that we really like to see our leaders crossing lots of taboos cause it makes us feel better about our minor issues with ethics.

No matter where you live the standards you obey are community standards. Even though an external force may try to set undesirable codes of behavior for you.

We at BikeSmut LLC heartily encourage more local (if any) control. So much so that we have considered creating a modular program that could be dialed up or down.

"Cant handle watching anything penetrate an anus? No problem!"
"Fisting too much for your sensitive eyeballs? We got you covered."
Its tireless and largely thankless work. But that's the job of censors, to keep you at a safe, comfortable distance for the realities of modern bike rape

Could a future video screening include user defined content? Could a computer program infer from an audience a desire of more or less porn by way of simple cheering or jeering? Would a program like that inevitably end with terribly disturbing content or more kittens? (one in the same in this situation)

And while it is pertinent, why is it that the Agency for Cycling Ethics' website is password protected? WHERE ARE WE TO TURN NOW?

UPDATE - It seems they have removed their presence altogether. If this is a sign of the future possibly these people can help.

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