January 5, 2009

Ghost Bikes. Not Sexy!

Fascinating about death may make teenagers and Food Batchmakers wet in their pants but why is death often considered erotic?

It is just the taboo nature? Is it finding comfort in between a new friend's legs after a wake? Is it that we frequently find naked women with weapons surrounded by a bloodthirsty horde?

The idea that bikers must have a death wish to be traveling on the streets in anything so unsafe is one of the more infuriating justifications for not feeling guilt when driving.

When it comes to cycling we at Bike Porn Industries have a more challenging time keeping death sexy. So we dont.

We do however recognize that the cycle of life includes death and humping and sometimes what you are humping can help create more life.

The point is, riding bikes is fucking sexy, and while saying things like, "the dead will ride" is pretty sweet, mostly the dead are just dead, ie not sexy.

Our friends over at Urban Velo have just released their 11th issue with a feature on Ghost Bikes. Such respect to our fallen compatriots is noble if not sobering. link to the article

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