January 10, 2009

Remembering Claremont

Happy 2009 from the naked bikers of Pitzer College in Claremont University.

What marvelous happy-go-fucky bike folk. While we're not sure about the effects of our screening on the other colleges of Claremont University, Pitzer made great strides in the absolution of clothing as a social function of covering ones genitals.

I pray that you have started a tradition at Pitzer College. Meanwhile, I'll work on getting the Middle East Technical University naked this spring.
- anonymous student
Presently they are still playing bike polo and eating avocados like nobody's business. As of the current date, no pregnancies have ever been caused by direct contact with a bicycle, something to remember when school work starts to cause your mind to wander.


  1. whatever doctor spambot, where you when i needed you?

    At least if you had posted here then You might be hitting your "target" audience.

  2. that is quite insightful, thanx again Dr.

    riding your bike naked might not cure impotence, but it is totally stimulating!

  3. tom said...

    "I went to an online pharmacy a month ago to Buy Lipitor"

    strange i often buy liquor at a store and think of it as a prescription. thanks for the observations


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