February 3, 2009

Cycling for Vulvae

As loathe as we are to repeat the oft use phrase, "this one is for the ladies" (stemming from a disturbing experience with Color Me Badd where every song was for the ladies, in fact 5 songs into the show they actually apologized to the guys "cause the rest of these songs are pretty much all... FOR THE LADIES.")

Women love to ride. Its true, and if the small amount of research that has been done on the matter is also true, than suddenly guys have good reason to be a little jealous

...a sex researcher had a group of women (some of who suffered from something called delayed orgasm) ride a stationary bike for 20 minutes, after which they masturbated. After stimulating sympathetic outflow by riding the bike, the non-disordered were able to stimulate themselves to several orgasms each and most of the women with orgasm disorder were able to stimulate themselves to at least one orgasm.

She treats many women with orgasm disorder using the stationary bike and she has had pretty good and long-lasting results.
Pretty encouraging for all (wo)mankind.

Now for a more technical example, we present the most popular scene in "Mädchen, Mädchen"

And finally this less descriptive movie proving that filmmakers can enjoy bikes too. OH FUCK THIS LINK!

Lets get ourselves embedded!


  1. As they used to say on Fark.com, "still no cure for cancer"... How does a person get funding for "research" such as that? :)

  2. Gentlemen, I'd appreciate it if you would take the link to my blog, and the quote from my blog, off of your post. Everyone is entitled to get their kicks in whatever manner they wish, but I don't care to be associated with this particular brand of kink. So if you'd edit your post and remove reference to me and my blog, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

  3. Sometimes when i'm riding trails....this happens. I do not come to fruition, but it is very nice. It's distracting too. lol

  4. Dear RevPhil:

    I got your comment on my blog but was unable to find an email address to respond, thus my comment here.

    Thanks for taking my quote off of your post. I appreciate that.

    Just so you know, I have almost ZERO issues with porn, with the exception of kiddie porn, snuff porn, those types of things. I have not clicked on your video in this post, as I use my office computer 99% of the time as my home computer as no sound...and it doesn't seem like a good thing to have a cookie left on!

    I'm very thankful that you found my blogging to be humorous enough to include it on your site. I don't think I saw your comment about quoting me, but I do appreciate you linking back to me.

    Unfortunately, while in my personal life I have very few inhibitions, I am a professional career woman and as such, have to limit my public associations with things better kept behind closed doors.

    So, please do not consider me a prude for not wishing to be quoted on your site! Can't honestly say I have explored the idea of bike = sexy in the manner that you support, but you may not find the things that turn me on to be of interest to you either...but that certainly doesn't mean either of us is sexually inhibited!

    Thanks for reading my blog, and who knows, maybe some day I will gladly guest blog for you, I'll just have to do so under an assumed name! Maybe I'll be Sexy Schwinnda. :)


  5. As Dr. Jim Pfaus says in the research you cite, "I wish there were more people studying orgasms in general." I'm sold. I may just have found my calling thanks to you, RevPhil!

  6. Thanks stoogepie. I say with conviction that more legitimate thought should go into understanding our bodies. Less money for pharmaceuticals, more engaging our sexy brains.


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