August 10, 2009

split ends make means

Over the past few years hardly a show has gone by that someone didn't tell us they were terribly bothered by the content. It is a source of pride that we have consistently shaken so many otherwise unmoved people.

Well it is one thing to hate on a curator when you watch 90 min of sweet bike sex when you were expecting to see just pictures of bikes (yup it happens). But what about hating on thy neighbor?

This article about a DC bicycle and porn shop makes lots of sense to us, but we might be biased.

So many questions sprint up.

Why is gay porn twice as expensive as straight porn? We fear the day when all porn is gone from the gritty streets and the only way to get off is to log on. Don't tell us not to hate the internet! For that hate is a joy beyond measure.

Our fingers are crossed that there is a nonprofit out there archiving all the best porn so that after the apocalypse when the connections are all down and all we have is an old VHS player we are still able to kick it with ease.

Aspiring entrepreneurs. Don't let this idea fall by the wayside. Start hoarding porn today and tomorrow we might still get a long. Actually we hope for many longs ideally.

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