June 1, 2010

Finish Strong

You are approaching the end!

Our final show of Bike Porn 3:CYCLE BOUND is this Friday in Olympia! Two screenings back to back! (chest to back?)

Its not just the end of the Backlash tour but also of your opportunity to make fab film for bike porn 4:PLAY!

like, it should be in today.

But you are a lazy fuck and not quite done yet so we will give you a another 36 hours. BUT DAMN you are making us crazy. If we had hair we would most certainly be pulling it out. Except our pit hair, we need that to attract the twiks.

Seriously tho, the world premiere for 4PLAY is 10 days away. Dont make us seise up like a rusty seatpost. Bring the lube and finish us off right!

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