October 5, 2010

Hiatus has been temporarily derailed

Just when we had thought that we would be able to quietly go into the night, our world is rocked by another fabulous, scandalous music video.

Woe be on the foolish prude that might try to shame due to "inappropriate behavior", "excessive drinking", or "gratuitous sexual content". BEGONE USELESS KILLJOY! This video drops like a bomb, has legs to run you down and steel to gut you like the new fish you are.

Please enjoy irresponsibly.

After a couple years of mild asskikery the Bay Area Derailleurs have really stepped up their game. From the performances at Mini Bike Winter to their political work on the BP oil spill in the Gulf they seem to have found their pace.

The paring of the dumpster diving, bike punk ballet of the Derailleurs with the dope lyrical stylings of Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits makes for a classic us/them battle. man v woman. driver v cyclist. meat v vegan (or is that freegan? opportunivore? cannibal?)

As for our predicted tours of North America and Europe we can only hope that the stars will continue to align and we will get to bring more of the best bicycle erotica to your berg. But we have been promised lots of cookies and booze from SLC! w00t! (thanks for reading our " bike porn recommended daily allowance")

1 comment:

  1. let me know what you fine bikesexuals need to make it out to the Salt. i have been asked countless times when bike porn 4 will visit our city again, and really want to make it a reality.



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