December 15, 2010

we're not drawing a blank

Holy illustrious bikesexuality! All this euro tour plotting has gotten us kinda behind schedule in our internetical sharing of quality, "sustainabilabro approved" erotica.
We are scheduling BikePorn 4:PLAY in forward cascadian cities in Jan/Feb 2011 as well as US Canadian border towns in March. Ottawa we got a little something for you!

This just in (and out, and in again) Victoria screening has been scheduled for Friday, Jan 28th! We shall return to the biker's island and look forward to the multiple live, locally produced performances that are going down in conjunction with our screening! Exclamations!

We are kinda anti numerology, but we are nontheless still excited to celebrate our four hundredth and forty-fourth posting!

If anyone knows the artists please post in the comments so we can credit them.

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