March 2, 2011

rub a biker out!

This news just in from our Minnesota friends who love bikes, bodies and the connection between:

I visited the bike porn preview at smitten kitten last saturday, I really want to get involved! I got a flyer for the Mon. March 7th event here in Minneapolis. I am a certified massage therapist with 7 years experience. I bring all materials and give any inquiring souls a 15-20 minute deep tissue swedish style massage and the charge is donation. Its a fun addition to any occasion where people are getting together and I live a block away. Please let me know if you are interested, i've done this for the Rollergirls, the midtown farmers market, and all over the world. I hope to hear from you!!!

Well now, who are we to stand in the way of rubbing bikers. Should be joyus way to work the kinks out!

The Northern Exposure Tour leaves Cascadia in a few hours. See you in 7-12 month!

images from erikdalton Knitting Park... huh?

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