March 10, 2011

Wheels of Change

Picture this, a person who is sick of jumping through hoops all his/her life being told that "if s/he just works harder things will be better."

That's the line... If you fail it's because you are lazy. You should be able to provide for your family, make things better in your community, raise a more perfect child or in our case, grind on the ideal Brooks saddle. Anything short of that and you loose.

Then one comes to the understanding of the vast differences between the rich and poor and one begins to believe the system is rigged. It is one thing to live with some winners and some losers. It is something else when the disparity between those results is such vast outcomes.

Then it is decided that something must be done.

It happened with a French farmer
It happened with a Tunisian student

It could be that Madison is the Tunisia of North America. Perhaps our people are not as stupid as the media has made us out to be. Maybe this time we will collectively see the writing on the wall.

From our perspective we see a systemic removal our ability to debate ideas. The effect of short attention spans is building a society of mental toddlers. This is more than enough to cause us to throw up our arms in anger. Unless we do something different we are going to continue to get more of the same bullshit treatment.

This is not as simple as most people would have it. If we are to ever get beyond this back and forth of economy vs ecology we have to start understanding how they are related. Its not enough to just say, "stop growing the economy." But we also dont have to wait for someone else to figure it our for us and hand us a cure.

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