December 16, 2011

BikeTaxiBabes - in depth

We just arrived in Austin and immediately were treated to local beer, tortas and our host's copy of the Bike Taxi Babes calendar.

In a word, simple. Possibly the most simple calendar we have ever seen. No flavor text, nothing about the model/pedicab driver/people messenger, no supplementary images in the corner,  no phases of the moon, no special dates of interest in Austin history.

here is what you get:

12 large, quality pictures
365* boxes with numbers
1 page explaining why**

Simple. As. Fuck.

Cant complain much when they do it simple and do it right, but in the name of fair and balanced bikeseuxal journalism we offer these two notes:

There was nothing exciting about the background either (a simple greyish gradient... er grayshient?).  We know first hand how challenging finding a dozen unique locations or backdrops can be, and if not done right... it can make a lot of hard work and good intentions look like a pile of stupid.

The biggest complaint offered by our team (you didn't know, we had an entire TEAM working on this analysis) was the curious makeup technique. Why so much white face? Was it old time antiquing? Flash back to a time when every bike race came with personal flour delivery?

On the whole, an excellent way to keep track of the days. Get your direct from

*there are lots of boxes, many have numbers you know what a calendar looks like
** The creators of the calendar, Dropout Publications a mainstay in Austin bike culture, made this calendar as a fundraiser for Texas Bike Collation

only days left in the race for bikesexual calendars; dont let the booty eclipse your wall!

photo credit to Ghostdad and Anomililly

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