December 12, 2011

International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

What happens when you take a Italian sex worker and find her in a Czech Republic gender fucking festival, in a Dutch bike punk kitchen in Berlin, and finally bring her some some inspiring porn to her London home in the swingingest queer bar in the UK?

Introducing one of our favorite Europeans,  Ava Caradonna!  As a biker, an activist and a sex worker Ava was a tireless supporter of our cause all over the continent.

She is a little nervous here but she speaks on an important cause: X Talk Project

Sex work is an important issue that, not unlike porn, makes people feel uncomfortable. Rather than feeling pity for "those poor people" we must take a more enlightened view of this occupation. As the video points out, many sex workers are undocumented foreigners who can't appeal to cops for fear deportation or worse. Take time to appreciate the oldest occupation today!

Connect with her via FB: Ava Caradonna

We don't care how liberating their wings are, Flying Toasters got nothing on this lady!

We hope to be able to remember a few more key people in the bikesexual revolution and will try to share their vision for a brighter future in the months to come. Thanks Ava, we miss your help in getting the audience bouncing.

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