February 28, 2012

Midwestern 5:SPEED Mayhem

Bike Smut is back home, but our various allies are still working hard to encourage their various communities to appreciate the joy and freedom inherent to better sex and more appropriate transportation.

To that end we are attempting a new system of erotic bicycle movie delivery: the sexy proxy

Introducing your Midwestern bicycle pornographer, and her pussy bot

She, who may end up being named later on (possibly for sentimental reasons) will be hosting those bikesexuals lucky enough to live in/nearby (or willing to travel to) Minneapolis this weekend!

Bike Smut 5: SPEED
Friday, March 2nd
The Bedlam Community Design Center
currently in the Ivy Building:
Street Entrance: 2714 East 27th STREET – its on the SIDE of the Ivy Building, facing the Bike Path
FREE  - donations strongly encouraged, facecrack invite
A fundraiser for and presented by Wheel Sexy

Plus a sweet bike ride to the event put on by the fabulous  Queer Bike Gang!

Launch from Sunrise Cyclery, Lake & Bryant 7:00pm


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