February 16, 2012

aint no Media-ocer Monday

Its a Funderous (pre) Friday!

Thanks to our friends and media partners for helping to bring more sex-positive, transportation-ally-aware art to the people.

Thanks be to our northern racing folk who been killin it in the streets:

Possibly our most innocent film is now (gasp!) online, a big deal for us since we are so political about distribution:

Bike Portland got the ball rolling five years ago and are still committed to our mutual cause:

and hey, whats a weekly listing of free events without OUR free fucking bike eventL

and another for the rest of this wkends action, just in case you didn't know how much fun we are having:

But this isn't one of those exclusionary events designed to make people feel shame, this is FUN in the STREETS for the PEOPLE, and you are invited to take part.


We wouldn't have great art to share if YOU the inspired bikesexuals of the world didn't make it. So expect our call for submissions for our upcoming collection soon!

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