May 21, 2012

Media Monday: more social diseasin'

Booya! Here at BikeSmut we got some of the best problems in the business

Running out of Men's handmade underwear. Tragically good!

Hard drives overflowing with excellent, DIY porn?!? Fabulously good!

So many new Twitter followers that we have not been able to keep up with our email inbox? Especially these 10 that came within 43 minutes of each other? Embarrassingly good!

We hope to get to learn about each of you in turn, although it might take a while. In the meantime feel free to holla at us @BikeSmut ,,, the fancypants sms of the bikesexual revolution! If you only wanna observe our curious visual offerings we suggest you follow our Tumbler, If you want some of both with the opportunity to bring the Bikesexuality into your personal Internet life it's hard to beat Bike Smut's FaceCrack. Never mind that they are taking a bath in the stock market, we share lots of bikesexual images and news clippings.
We expect that we will soon be able to deal with all of these problems soon enough. Our new website where you can actually buy our handmade panties. We didn't just slap our brand on some cheap, mass produced crap, we choose the fabric, laid our the pattern, cut it, silkscreened a double helix of bikesex, then sewed so the image goes right up to the seam.  Before these were only available at screenings, now we got biker booty bouncing for your pleasure 24/7 on our online merchandise store!

Take a closer look
Expect more men's undies available in the coming months. We know how our grundle pads are exceptionally popular for preventing scrotum seam chafing and with the heat of the summer coming you wont wanna wear any more clothes than you have to!

Sexy Biker Boys in Kiel, Germany

Speaking of riding almost or completely naked, we are excited to be coordinating with our new friends putting on the EcoSex Symposium! Nature provides some pretty amazing backdrops and one of the best ways to experience it is via the human powered conveyance.
More from the front lines as these expansive engorgements develop!

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