May 7, 2012

Sprung! again: May 8th - Power

Tomorrow (May 8th) will be our second installment of Sprung!

The theme is Power

Here is what we have to say about that:

It affects every relationship, whether it is with close friends or authorities. It can be used for or against you, for good or evil. We strive to maintain control of it in our own lives, and the ability to  choose when to give it up. Power is also inherent in how we harness energy. Being able to act on ones desires of what we ride and who we ride.

So considering the power that the 'church' (catholic or otherwise, but the catholics have a long reputation of shoving their beliefs down your pants) yields over our body, especially women's sexuality.. We thought we would show the wonderfully light-hearted Monella by Tinto Brass

It's a charming little tale about a young couple in 1950s Italy. They are engaged, but Lola has had enough of saving herself for marriage (she is HORNY!) plus, she wants to make sure her man can satisfy before they take the plunge!

Full of pervy priest, double standards and daddy issues, it plays with a plethora of power dynamics. Tinto Brass, known as 'The King of European Erotica' worked in avant-garde film up until the mid 70s when he made the leap to erotica. His erotic films are still full of experimental techniques and lots of ass shots. (He was a notorious ass man). This, however, might have been what inspired him to make one of the sexiest bicycle scenes in cinema history. If you want to see it, you will have to stop by!

May 8th
Clinton Street Theater
($5 with the pasword, tweeted Tuesday afternoon. Follow @bikesmut )

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