August 30, 2012

End of the Summer

WARNING this post contains seriously gross video content


Lordy we love us a proper Cascadian summer. With tall bikes, beach parties, endless craft beer, loads of safe sex, and every grasshopper gallivanting around like it will never end.

this ain't no bunny hop contest

But the summer will end.

Tragic, but necessary. Otherwise Cascadia becomes a perpetual summer like Southern California and when you have great weather all the time you can't appreciate it.

Well we totally appreciate the summer, now more than ever since our founder, Reverend Phil's leg had these compounding issues:

A) a 4-yr old spiral compound fracture of the tibia
B) thus a plate and 17 screws beneath taunt skin from the surgeries
C) a moderate ankle sprain while attempting a tall bike sexual mount July 30th
D) acupuncture on a jousting injury and a nonchalant poke in the ankle's tendon
E) vising a dusty warehouse and Willamette River hours after breaking the skin
F) an incredibly painful staff infection
G) the possibility of a further infection of the plate, screws and bone
H) an impending international tour of the US, Canada and Mexico

UPDATE: Here is more totally gross content, the puss running like a river. This lasted several minutes and soaked through multiple towels and pooled up on the tile below.


We hope we can start walking and Fall-ing soon!

Illustration credit to  I.W. Graber via Mary Mapes Dodge via katinthecupboard

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  1. thanks! We love to HEAL!

    We also just added a picture of the puss flowing like a fountain, so just in case there was any lunch left it can now be ejected.


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