August 1, 2012

Bikini Bike Wash

Bike Smut is proud to announce we are sponsoring an afternoon of cleanliness.

The Bikini Bike Wash is a fundraiser for Portland's 2013 World Naked Bike Ride!

Friday August 17th
Burgerville parking lot
Southeast 12th and Hawthorne
4pm to 8pm
Facial Book

Why does the WNBR cost so much money? Well for the first 5 or so years it was run successfully with almost no money to support it, just a dozen or so volunteers who gave their time to the em-betterment of the city.

But since then our naked members have swollen in size! There are thousands of people who attend each year! All those people will need a location to gather. The permits, the bathroom, the negoations with police and fire... its all an impressive amount of work and it is still all volunteer driven.

We would love to be able to ask the 1000s of naked bikers who show up to each give a dollar or two and then we would be able to cover our costs completly, but if you have never asked someone without clothes for money its a somewhat humorous situation. No clothes means no pockets and no pockets means no where to put any money!

This is your call to help support this fantastic event! If you want to help us by either being a scantily clad washer of bikes, if you have a donation of rags, sponges, cassette cleaning tools and the like please get in touch with us!

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