November 1, 2012

Turning TriXXX in Houston

BooYA! About a year ago we were enjoying some terrifying automotive challenges with our previous metal steed, The Oregon Dream (RIP). After a nail clenched trip from NOLA with a overheating thermostat racing 350 miles and adding all manner of coolants to a radiator to make a show where the audience was still waiting with baited breath two hours later.

Well we have already suffered thu our fair share of infernal, internal combustion so we will have no problems in the future bringing our bike love to Houston for what could be the final US screening of Bike Smut ever (assuming our Mexican Adventure makes it impossible for us to leave the land of avocados and colorful kitsch)

So, unless San Antonio gets their shit together that is it!

Notsuoh    (Houston spelled backwards cause it so crazy!)
314 Main Street    
9pm    $7    21+

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