November 13, 2012

Riding in MeXXXico

After 14 months of planning we have arrived en Mexico! Hay muchas personas radicales aqui!

Tonight is the kickoff of the Terremoto Anniversary! One of our hosts, Oscar described the group as a pragmatic racers. "We dont care if you ride a track bike, mt bike, unicycle, or whatever! If you can keep up with us you are welcome to ride."

 All week long they encourage bikers to join them in riverly in the streets, at the velodrome, at bike polo, playing footdown, etc culminating with a big party Saturday night with Bike Smut! Its the first time we have shown movies in Mexico, so we are making a special program curated from the past 6 years of smutty bike goodness.

Sabado, Nov 17
Central Del Pueblo,  Republica De Nicaragua #15  Colonia Centro
con erotica en la patio tamprano y porno en dentro mรกs tarde

6:30 - ??

Feliz cuplianos, Terremoto! 


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