January 1, 2013

Suerte en Mexico

Mexican lessons for the sojourning bikesexual, or "What I fucked during winter break"

We are only days away from returning to the United States, or as I like to call it, the Information Empire. It is always quite enlightening being able to travel and share and learn with so many enthused budding bikesexuals.

  • Without much doubt, my favorite new slag for orgy is "horchata". I have often enjoyed that fabulous rice drink but with the addition of this double entendre we have been "hacemos horchata" quite often. 
  • "Tocar" the verb means "to touch" or "to play" which lends itself to a variety of awesome play on words.
  • Last but not least the word for "ariola" or the circle around one's nipples is "halo" which, while a challenge to work into conversation casually, is pretty hilarious when referring to the sweet rings on Mother Mary or St. Guadalupe. 

Between the barrels of Mezcal and a seemingly endless struggle to navigate the semi-socialized health care bureaucracy we learned a lot. Thanks to our hosts, and supporters!

District Federal - Bicitekas, Terrormoto CrewCentral del Puebla,
Guatalajara - GDL, Puc, Bici Polo Tapatio
Puebla - Prof├ętica
Oaxaca - Central Cinema

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