June 5, 2013

Help the world's largest herd of bike dicks n cunts

Soon the joy of riding naked will be yours! In cities all over the world bodies are demanding being seen as beautiful, a rejection of isolating car culture AND those that seek to profit from feeding insecurities.

If you happen to live in Portland we need your help to make our ride more fabulous. We expect there to be more than 5 thousand people riding as bare as they dare. This is the biggest naked bike ride in the entire universe (at least in our solar system) and it is happening this Saturday night!

The night will be warm (high 70s that day) and magical.
We expect a huge turnout and we REALLY need more volunteer help!
We need people to wander though the crowd asking for donations. We need volunteers to help  B-Line check bags and help keep an eye on trash before the ride leaves. We need ride along mechanics.
Here is a complete list of the help we need: Volunteers needed
Click the "Sign up to Volunteer" button and follow your passion.
We meet at the Portland Art Museum at SW Madison and Park. Volunteers need to check in no later than 9:30 at our table.
Admission to the Cyclepedia exhibit is $1.00 per article of clothing from 8:00 pm to 10:00 that night.

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