June 3, 2013

Ride for your lives, its the World Naked Bike Ride!!

Nudity in the streets? Smiles and high-fives between strangers? Skateboards, bikes, roller skates and unicycles traveling together in harmony?!? What is going on?!?

Its the World Naked Bike Ride!
(aka WNBR)

What on earth or skies above could compel reasonable humans to shed their clothing and parade around naked in public view?

The answers may be as varied as the body shapes riding but here are a few popular answers:
  • To encourage active bodies and healthy communities
  • To protest oil dependence and car culture
  • To crush patriarchy
  • To have fun!

Ride on June 8th in many places around the Northern Hemisphere:

Some places will ride naked on other days
Brussels: June 15
Toronto: June 15
Austin: June 15
Halifax: July 13
Philly:  August 25

Dont see your city here? Well you can plan a ride and add your ride to the list!

Naked cycling is a virtuous cycle; the more people who do it, the safer and more fun it is!

Bike Smut has proudly been supporting the WNBR before either Bike Smut, or the WNBR actually existed! Try to wrap your brain around that historical nugget.

Media via BikePortland.org, CycloNudista.be, and the Austin WNBR

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  1. Not an official WNBR event but don't forget the Solstice Cyclists in Seattle on June 22.



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