July 22, 2013

Seattle Hops on the Porny Express

Cascadian Summer is upon us! The perpetual clouds that once dominated our skies have been replaced with a sea of blue and a glowing orb of yellow that hangs over our heads in a consistent reminder to go outside.

And go outside you must because that is where your friends are playing in the streets. Taken over by numbers greater than you can be bothered to count, behind which a trail of beer cans and casual pedestrians who are dumbfounded by the expression of insane (perhaps inane?) joy traveling down the street.

The Dead Baby Downhill is upon us again. It has been 3 years since Bike Smut has been able to join in the fun. But we shalt miss another. On the 1st Friday of the month enjoy the 17th annual Dead Baby Downhill!!

Show up at The Station on Beacon Hill, 2533 16th Ave S at 5pm for registration, race at 7pm sharp!

Enjoy passing out in the street in a pile of warm beer and cheap vomit.

Then clean yourself up because on Sunday you are expected to enjoy Seattle's only screening of

The Porny Express
Sunday, August 4th
The Mix
6006 12th Ave South
Adults only
$5-10 donation

It is a curious and feisty community that brought us together for nearly two decades. Beer witness to the coming future!

photo credit to http://www.bikejuju.com/

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