July 26, 2013

Vancouver Porny Express Re Climax!

Every once in a while, we have a great screening AND we have good feedback from the audience AND a venue appears that demands better sex and better transportation via Bike Smut.

At the moment none of these have come true, but nonetheless we plan to forge on with an bonus screening purely because of serendipity.

our hack space friends are bike curious and that plus lots of encouragement from 3rd party plus who doesn't love the sexy bicycle nerds?!?

So tonight come on down to your local radical social experiment location and learn something new!

VHS (aka Vancouver Hack Space) clever little fuckers ain't they
270 east 1st Ave
9pm some sort of geek-family friendly movie like Ghostbusters or Hackers
11pm some sort of adult-geek friendly movie like THE PORNY EXPRESS!

Movies start outside, but will probably move inside depending on various factors.

You will likely want to bring your own seating if you can. Maybe a blanky to share? GET COZY!

photo credit to Roland Bosma and Jeff Waters of Sierra McKenzie

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