February 12, 2014

Bikes Make Everyone Come Together

Happy VD! Not just venereal disease, Valentines Day! And the two have never been so well entwined than with this excellent bit of sexy PSA-ness:

WeComeTogether is an international group working to stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases thu "prevention, treatment, care and support, including condoms and sex education, to those who need it most"

We think that is fabulous. There is a sentiment that STDs (now called STIs cause some infections are not diseases but really STDs sounds so much better and also almost spells STUD) are somehow not a problem anymore. The idea is if you get AIDS you can just go on incredibly expensive drugs for the rest of your life.
This line of thinking is dangerous enough that you might want to take a look at what wikipedia shows is one of the possible consequences of getting AIDS enhanced scabies. Fuck that hurts the eyeballs!

We are totally sex-positive so of course we love the video.  However an article from of The Independent quotes the rather overconfident Jo Hodges of London College of Communication. who describes it as "an open celebration of the joys of safer sex that targets people of all different ages, sexual orientations/preferences and genders."

All? Dubious, but lets count the ways

They got food, furry, age, gender-play, feather, leather, BDSM dogging (public sex outdoors),  and even CAR PORN!?!?

We congratulate the filmmakers for creating something that quickly shows a great swath of sexual representation, no matter the ignorance of some British experts.

At first we were mighty slighted by ignoring the quickly growing bikeseuxal segment of our population. But upon further contemplation, it is actually a compliment. We Come Together's mission is to bring sexual awareness to people who need it most, thus they must consider bikesexuals to already be ahead of the sex-positive curve for safe behavior. Frankly we agree. People who use their bodies for transportation may be more likely to be aware of the dangers of exposing their skin. Take for example our recent photo submission from Australia.

 We take serious pride in that compliment. Moreover we encourage you to engage a cyclist with some full face protection!

Coming soon: info about our shows in Europe and our theme for Bike Smut 8!

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