March 5, 2014

Euro cinema de velo erotique!

Avast! Bike Smut est en Europe!

We have a lot of dates we are juggling but we have a few dates already set on our  
"Back in the Saddle" Tour!

(all dates will be day/month and times are in 24 hour format)

07/03 Geneve, Switzerland @ Cinema Spoutnik @ 22h
08/03 Lausanne, Switzerland @ Le Fete Du Slip - Cinéma CityClub @ 19h
11/03 St-Étienne, France @ Arts du Forez - 4, boulevard Robert Maurice doors @ 19h show 20h
12/03 Grenoble, France @ La BAF - 2, chemin des Alpins @ 20h
13/03 Lyon , France @ La triperie - 22 rue Imbert Colomes @ Ouverture des portes 20H 

 Then what? 

There are many more shows planned. You can help us make a more exciting future! Tell us where to go in the comments!

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