April 24, 2014

bicisessuale d Italiano!

Blast it! We had a great screening in Amsterdam and Zurich and between the excellent history tours and having our handlebar bag stolen on the night train we didn't even make blog posts about them!

Well even if you miss out on info here, the column on the right is usually up to date.

So now would be a good time to look at that calendar and see what dates are coming up and what people you can invite to enjoy sex-positive, human powered entertainment!

This Saturday we are blessed to be in Catina, Italy on the island of Sicily. We have got Critical Mass, Bike Polo, Downhill XC Race! It is a pretty excting place with a lot of great events coming up!

Venerdì 25 aprile
Rock the Park, Xc Eliminator

Venerdì 25 aprile, ore 21:00 in Piazza Duomo
Critical Mass special edition CBF2014

Sabato 26 aprile, ore 22:00 ℅ Zeronove
Bike Smut video festival e party CBF2014

 Sabato 26 e domenica 27 aprile
Salvaiciclisti 3.0
Group Cycling®

Sabato 26 e domenica 27 aprile
Bike Polo Tournament

Domenica 27 aprile
Junior Bike Race

everybody get that? Do we need to get your attention again?

Bike Smut in Sicily!
Saturday, April 26
Via Opificio 12, 95131 Catania, Italy

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