September 2, 2014

more than a sausage fest in Hamburg

When we first came to Hamburg it was quite a frantic mess. We didn't know the city or anyone living here. Somehow we ended up screening at a perfect venue with an amazing fun audience and a fabulous party ensued.

We weren't sure if we would be able to return but it seems fate is into fucking bikes.


02. September 2014
21:00 Uhr
Gängeviertel, Valentinskamp
Das etwas andere Kinomovement ist wieder zu Gast bei uns. Das letzte mal vor zwei der Jahren war ein äußerst lustiger Abend.

basically they like us. We are stoked to be back.

Then only 2 more shows in Europe
Thursday in Kiel  (facecrack event page)
Saturday in Berln! (more face cracking)

Then we are back in Portland for the world premiere of Come Again!

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