February 17, 2015

Reaching Around the Cuntinent

Mexico, Mexicali, Calixo, California, Uber Allies?

We are back in the US!

After being treated to some of Mexico's finest flavors and a fuck load of new porn we are recharged to bring some great new cycloerotismo to the rest of North America!

Here is what we have planned for the next few months:

UPDATE: A secret screening and erotic book reading event is happening Thursday night!

This weekend we enjoyed a desert full of crazed bike fucks, next week we are slappin mallets with San Jose's finest bike jocks! (And their jock straps!) Afterthat we will retake the rest of The Bay. Working with our friends using direct democracy on the front lines fighting social injustice in Oakland and also friends using karaoke to bring out the silly drunks in SF.

In March we will end our 5 year hiatus of Las Vegas. It is a painful place to experience and even more difficult to live there (which explains the prevalence of cheep booze). But we go back and plan to dominate The Strip as well as the hordes of mindless consumers who will flock to our liberating loins like so many moths' mouths to our glowing bicycle fleshlights!

We celebrate EPIC PI DAY (3.14.15 @ 9:26.53PM MST) with those wild Tucson queers at CYBERSPUNK an erotic book club art show.

Then we blast up and over the East Coast, starting with Jacksonville then bouncing over to St Augustine (our first time ever) then working our way north to Montreal then west back to Cascadia... with stops in St Louis and Memphis.
 Lots of great shows and epic opportunities for the good touch... common, Hand Of God, give us that holey reach around!

Wanna feel the grace? Contact bikesmut@gmail.com for booking!

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