March 13, 2015


Bike Smut is proud to be part of CYBERSPUNK

A one-night-only Book Club Burlesque party inspired by William Gibson’s 1984 Science Fiction classic, Neuromancer. 

Cyberspunk is a participatory and literacy event. The audience is encouraged to read the book and dress to impress in their sexiest, most creative Neuromancer inspired style. The neon-noir novel is wrought with themes of virtual survival, man vs. machine, humanism sacrificed in the face of advancing technology, cyborg body manipulation and more. So naturally they got a special Bike Smut booth for exceptional futuristic viewing.
Maker House - 283 N Stone Ave, Tucson 
Doors at 8, party till late
$8-$20 cover, 21+ presale TICKETS@

Call us Johnny Pneumatic cause we are pumping the morning-moaning hours away to deliver a tight package to Tucson, Saturday night!

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