March 6, 2015

SUBMIT! ∆∆ Science Friction ∆∆

Forward and aft lighting charged.
Lubrication to maximum viscosity.
Set genitals to stunning.
Prepare to travel through time and space using your own fucking ass

... its time to enter the submission zone ...

Bike Smut 9: Science Friction

The annual call for submissions for DIY bicycle pornography!

5 point process to bikesexual satisfaction
  • 1. Open mind to bikesexual ideas. Contemplate what gets you on bikes and what gets you off.
  • 2. Invite intimate flesh-based partners to assist. Enlist technological editing assistance.
  • 3. Engage carbon, steel, aluminum, titanium parts. Drive, direct and thrust to satisfaction.
  • 4. Mix emotionally-pleasing audio and provocative video into consensual film < 7 min
  • 5. SUBMIT!  Send movie with ENTRY FORM

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