July 9, 2015

World's Largest Sex Bike - Media Monday on Thrusday

We are in Las Vegas building the world's largest sex bike and the Media is popping! We did 3 interviews this week with more planed for today and tomorrow. Here is the first snippet from Las Vegas Weekly.
On July 11, the museum debuts the permanent installation Earth, Magic, Sex, Motion alongside Bike Smut 9, a festival of erotic bicycle films. The former is a two-story interconnected arc of bicycles that vibrate and respond to rider motion, thrusting into a wall of plants that leads, fittingly, to C*NT. (The bike is also up for a Guinness record for World’s Largest Sex Bike.)
Photo by Bill Hughes
The space will soon be home to a 10-foot vulva, part of a forthcoming exhibit called C*NT. The installation invites viewers to step inside the world of female anatomy, where they walk through a tunnel into the womb and touch a floating cervix overhead, seek out a vibrating G-spot and find the clitoris (you’ll know when a bell goes off).

“Just as with sex, there’s a relationship of trust and intimacy when you’re riding a bike—you are the engine,” explains Reverend Phil Sano, founder of Bike Smut and the installation’s co-creator. “This is meant to question and explore taboos, as well as the joy and otherworldliness of being in that hyper-aware state.” - Andrea Domanick

We expect a lot mroe photos and videos soon. Getting multiple on and off bikes in mass is pretty fucking fun!

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