July 22, 2015

Come Again, Canada... One Last Time

We are back in Vancouver BC with our final screening of
Bike Smut 8: Come Again!
Due to travel schedules we had to postpone this screening until July; Vancouver demanded to share the amazing videos from Montreal, Oakland, Chicago, Phoenix and San Palo one last time!

Thursday July 23  
The Rio Theatre - 1660 E Broadway

 Enter the bikesexual way back machine. It is Bike Summer 2001 in Vancouver BC, aka The Summer of VeloLove! An event that rallied all of the self mobilized people of the city to see themselves as more than just a smart mode of transport. They were a people; and they had a voice.

14 years later most of Vancouver has changed! Many parts are uber clean, with brand new condos and sports facilities and barely a trace of the homeless and or native population that has been ousted from their vigil of protesting the Winter Olympics among other actions that exasperate the wealth gap.

Its hard to believe how far Canada has come. 10 years ago BC were all about decriminalized marijuana, affordable health care and gay marriage for everyone. Now that the US is coming on board with these ideals Canada seems to want to move on as if they were bad ideas.

Looking back at the past that could have been is a fun way to pass the time. But It is time we looked forward to that epic time where bikes liberate minds and bodies from their otherwise contained space and we have a proper bikesexual intifada!

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