August 28, 2015

Crafy Handmade Fetish Ware

Last year we showed an amazing film (a couple actually) from Montreal. In Brazen Saddles, an all female bike gang tore around the city, going wherever their hearts desired. They lured and captured a bike cop and then the audience was oft heard to scream, "Fuck the Police!"

In this amazing movie the gang all wore handmade bike tube and tire vests that looked stunning. Many people would ask about the vests after the show. Finally you can own your own piece of bikesexual fetish ware made by real Montreal bikesexuals, Oxyd Creations!

Bike Smut is proud of the hand crafted wares made by our filmmakers and community. Its rare that such items can be made available to the general community. Below is the creator's description of her handmade bike tube harness.

This adjustable, vegan strap-on harness is made with love for our beautiful queer community.

I designed this harness after feeling frustrated with a lack of affordable, eco-friendly, and quality harnesses available on the market. The harness is lined with soft black felt, which overlaps onto the front so the edges are all soft as well. There is a cotton canvas between the felt and the bike tube exterior to make the harness more solid. And the exterior is made from recycled bike tubes, from Montreal's bicycle co-ops. The tubes are easy to clean, and the straps, which are bare tube against the skin, grip well to your curves while still being soft and comfortable. I thought I would need to line the adjustable straps with felt too, and was surprised to find that the tubes felt great against bare skin.

The harness can be adjusted to fit any size - there are adjustment rings in the front and back. The straps are really long - you can cut them shorter when your harness arrives, or wear them tucked in, as pictured in the first photo. If you usually wear XS size pants, I will ask you for your exact measures, just in case I have to make the harness a little smaller.
Your toy is held in place with a silver o-ring in front, which is easily removable with snaps. The harness comes with two sizes of rings - 3.9cm and 5.2cm (inner diameter).

The back of the harness is decorated with recycled bike chain and a gear - if you'd prefer not to have this detail, I can leave it out. It adds weight, but isn't sharp.

And finally! This harness can be turned upside down and worn as a bad-ass underbust corset top, as shown in the last photo. What I'm really hoping for is that someone bolder than me will wear this on a night out, and then when that cute person you've been eyeing all night compliments your sexy top, you invite them home to show them what else it can do.

Bike Smut advocating for commercial products? What will happen next? 



 Oxyd Creations. Strap one one tonight!

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