April 15, 2017

¡El Final Feliz Comenza - Ciencia Fricción en Mexico!

en español mas tarde (mas of menos... problemente menos)

Bike Smut returns to Mexico! In all the world there is only one homegrown film and performance festival displaying the joy and libeartion of human-powered mobility and sex-positive culture. Although we have moved into a comfortable retirement from touring there were 4 movies made in Mexico in our most recent program so we couldn't keep Science Friction from our Southern neighbor for long.

We have officially been invited to present our glorious bikesexual films at the 6th annual World Bicycle Forum aka la Foro de Mudial de la bicicletta. Some have called it the biggest bike party on earth, and we are happy to be here. Thankfully we are a pretty good judge of bike parties. Our friends the Dead Baby Bicycle Club of Seattle whom have been hosting a massive party every first Friday of August for the past 21 years might argue they have been doing it longer and better.

Bicycle dance performances by the Sprockettes at The Dead Baby Downhill
Never any shortage of bikes, beer or fire
Well what they lack in fire and freaks we hope they will make up for with radical collaboration and ideas from across the planet. We are sure the #FMB6 is gonna have more wonks but will it have more wanks? Only time will tell but we are excited to rub thighs with some of the world's finest thinkers.

Read the FMB6 schedule of events. bici polo, WNBR body painting, y mucho personas hablando

  • The Mexico premiere of Bike Smut 9: Science Friction
  • Friday, April 21st
  • Casa Bicitecas 
  • Replublic of Nicaragua, 15, Central Historic Colony, Mexico City, Federal District
  • 9:30pm 
  • FaceCrack Event Page

  • En todas la mundo solo esta una programma de cyclosessual peliculas y performancia. El primo presentation de Bike Smut 9:  Ciencia Fricción
  • Viernes 21 de Abril
  • Casa Biciteka
  • República de Nicaragua, 15, Colonia Centro Histórico, Ciudad de México, D.F.
  • 21h
  • evento a FaceBook 

 Vamanos a otras cidudads, Puebla, Guadalajara, y ? ayudame compartir la ultimo programa!

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